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My name is Vera Brun and I am the owner of Simple Creations Photography. I went to Kauai Community College and got a certificate of completion for Photography. Right after that, I left college to take care of my grandmother. I moved back home to Maui in 2015 and worked at a couple jobs till I got married, and my husband and I had a baby girl in October of 2020. Since 2020 I have been a stay-at-home mom, which I have been so lucky to do, all because of my husband. I couldn't thank him enough for what he has done for us and how much he has supported me in everything I have decided to do! He is truly our everything!

Now that my daughter is turning three years old; she is going to school and I am back to working. I made the big decision to open my own business and work for me but mostly work for her.

My husband and daughter are my biggest inspiration.

I want her to grow up knowing she can accomplish anything she puts her mind too. I want her to be proud to tell people, "My mommy is a photographer!"

The photos I take are not only beautiful but they are wonderfully simple. That is why I named my business simple creations. I want to capture your best moments from smiles to frowns. I will edit them, clean up any scrapes, bruises, and any small flaws while keeping the photos looking natural and beautiful. Not only will I find ways for your little ones to smile, I will also capture the pure moments.

I hope you consider me to take your photos.  

With love,

Vera Brun



Phone:  808.280.9711


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